Our radioactive cat

At 15 Jasper is definitely the matriarch of our little clowder of cats.  Nearly 3 years ago she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism which we’ve been successfully treating with medication.  In searching for a more permanent solution our vet recommended Thyro-Cat, a group whose logo is a cat with a glowing red thyroid.  The treatment consists of an injection with radioactive iodine, a substance that attacks the tumor that’s growing around her thyroid while leaving the gland itself undamaged.  She had this done on Tuesday the 8th and while she doesn’t glow (which if kind of too bad because that would be cool) she is responding wonderfully.  With any luck she’ll be medication free in a few months.  This is her enjoying her new bed.  Here’s to many more years together!
Jasper in her new bed.

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