Welcome to Bookman Designs! We’re a small (two person, six cat, and one dog) company located in the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York.  The work we do is inspired by the belief that the world is driven by creative energy; to be able to actively engage in that creative energy while living in a beautiful part of the world is something that we are truly grateful for.

While our designs are rooted in the time-honored Adirondack tradition we are capable of working in a variety of styles and are always exploring new ideas. Items represented in our gallery are just a sampling of what we can do.  The majority of our work is custom and we work closely with our clients to create pieces that best compliment their unique tastes.

Enjoy your visit to our website.  If you’d like to know more please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Moving ahead

It’s been quiet but it’s not going to stay that way for long – the shop is up (minor work still to be done) but the bigger news is that we’re joining Saranac Lake Artworks!  We’ll be listed on their brochure and scheduled as part of their summer Studio Tours.  There are also a few more shows lined up for this year; detail on those to come so stay tuned!

Sparkle Village

Join us at Sparkle Village, Saranac Lake’s premier craft fair.  Russ will be set up with a selection of pieces including a few in the works.  Most of these pieces will  be on display at the store so if you don’t grab it during the event you can get it later.  Customer orders welcome.  See you there!

New workshop on the way

We’ve been busy with woodworking but of a vastly different nature — Russ has been busy the last few weeks building a new workshop.  When we moved last year the property didn’t have an outbuilding suitable for that purpose so we took down one of the ones we did have and are replacing it.  The floor and sides are up, next comes the roof.  After that furniture making will commence with an eye on having a few new products in time for Sparkle Village.  Stay tuned for updates!

workshop in the works

Rustic Furniture Fair

The Rustic Furniture Fair is upon us yet again and yes, we will be there.  This weekend at the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake stop by and see the beautiful, functional art on display.  Russ will be under the big tent with a new root-base table in progress.  Stop by and say hi, I know he’d love to see you!