About Us

Russ and Liz DeFonce at the Adirondack Museum's Rustic Furniture Fair.

Russ and Liz are self-taught woodworkers who enjoy the challenge of learning and exploring new ideas, regardless of the subject. Their interests are many and include birdwatching, nature study and conservation, books and reading, hiking, history, hockey, and music.

Russ has worked in carpentry, among other adventures, since his teens.  He started working with rustic style in the 1990s, setting up shop in Vermont as Bookman Rustic Furniture.  After moving to the Adirondacks where he and Liz met and married they reinvented the business as Bookman Designs to represent their ability to work in many different styles.

Liz is fairly new to woodworking so brings a fresh and creative eye to the business.  She is the designer of our Little Wife Whimseys line of home furnishings and accent pieces.  Her tastes run to the colorful and she enjoys experimenting with new and different combinations.

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